Living A Good Life

The Magic Bank Account

Imagine that one day you do a very good deed for somebody you have never met. That night you have a dream and you are told that, for your very kind work, you are to be rewarded with a magic bank account. Each morning you will wake up and find that you have £84,600 in your account. This will happen every morning but there are rules:

1. Any money you don’t spend each at the end of each day is taken away from you.
2. That money cannot be transferred or put anywhere else. If you don’t spend it during the day then it will disappear.
3. The next morning you will have a brand new £86,400 in your account.
4. Only you may spend this money. Nobody else can touch it.
5. The bank can end this magic game at any moment by simply saying, “Game Over”. The account will be closed and you will not have a new one.

 If this was your situation, what would you do?

I expect you would go out and buy anything and everything you ever wanted. Not only for yourself but for all the people you love as well as those you care about. You will probably end up buying things for people you don’t know because you couldn’t possibly spend it all yourself.
I expect you’d try and spend every penny each day and make the very best use of it because tomorrow you’ll be getting a whole new amount.
I want you to just stop and think of all the good you could do.
Now let’s step back a bit and have a think.

 This game is actually real!

Are you shocked? Yes, this game is real.

Every one of you is already a winner in this game. Each morning you receive this “PRIZE” only for each of you the prize is time.
Each morning you receive 86,400 seconds. It’s called the miracle of life. When you go to sleep at night that time is lost. Yesterday is lost forever and it is too late do any good in the world on that day. However, you get another chance in the morning!

So each day you experience this miracle of thinking how much good can I do for others and (yes!) for myself, with this amazing gift called “The Time of My Life”?
These seconds are extremely precious. The secret is to enjoy every single one of those seconds by doing your best, helping others and having fun!

Each of us is like a pebble that is thrown in a pond sending out a whole set of ripples.
Everything we do as we go through life is another ripple.
The all important question for each individual is, “Am I sending out good ripples?”