Without Prejudice
 These are my personal views built from first hand experience in the classroom and the last 22 years of being a headteacher. They do not rely on non-practising academics. My MA (Educational Management) taught me nothing.


 Primary Headteachers – The Book


Chapter 1 A Successful School – The Basics
Chapter 2 POLICIES – Handling the burden
Chapter 3 The Rest of Bureaucracy
Chapter 4 The Importance of Assemblies
Chapter 5 The Curriculum
Chapter 6 Sport
Chapter 7 How Weak Headteachers Are Appointed
Chapter 8   How To Improve Headteacher Appointments

To the brilliant HTs I have met along the way: Your teachers are very lucky. Sadly, they will only fully appreciate you when they move on.

To the others, recognise yourselves in the very worst examples quoted herein.


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